Child Protection Training Uganda

Child Protection Training of Trainers for Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), Jinja, Uganda, 25 April – 6 May 2016

To equip military personnel with knowledge and skills to transfer knowledge to other military personnel on child rights and child protection in armed conflict.


  • Strengthen capacities of a core group of military personnel and peacekeepers’ trainers able to transfer knowledge and competencies on child rights and child protection before, during and after conflict.
  • Encourage UPDF to take ownership of the training manual and adapt it in their subsequent trainings depending on their respective context.
  • Enhance and nurture the existing partnership links with UPDF to facilitate inclusion of child protection training modules into their military training curricula.

A Training of Trainer’s course on child protection before, during and after conflicts

The course will be delivered through participatory teaching and learning approaches, using the competence based approach and adult learning methodogies. The following sessions will be delivered:

  • Introduction to Training: Expectations and Ground Rules.
  • Adult learning techniques and competency based approach.
  • Module A: Introduction to Protection of Civilian.
  • Module B: Understanding Childhood and Child Development.
  • Module C: The changing nature of conflict and the effect of armed conflict on children.
  • Module D: Overview of Legal instruments on the protection of children.
  • Module E: Child rights and the protection of children in principle .
  • Module F: Communicating with a child, his/her family and community – first contact and communication techniques.
  • Module G: The roles of the different components of a multi-dimensional and integrated PSO with relation to children.
  • Module H: Use of force and Rules of Engagement.
  • Module I: Communication and collaboration with other child protection stakeholders.
  • Module J: Monitoring and reporting on the situation of children in armed conflict.
  • Module K: Introduction to the ASF.


  • UPDF accepts to sustainably incorporate child protection in its military training curricula
  • A core group of child protection military trainers set up to roll out the toolkits within UPDF
  • Strengthened partnership between Save the Children and UPDF
  • Draft plan of action for roll out of the trainings