Guidelines on effective re-integration of children and their families

guidelines-on-childrens-reintegration-digital-_page_01The guidelines developed by the inter-agency group on children’s reintegration 2016 provide a framework for anyone seeking to ensure family care for children.

‘Children outside of family care face significant disadvantages; they may experience developmental impairments and lasting psychological harm, be less likely to attend or do well in school and be cut off from the social networks they need to flourish in adulthood.

‘Global trends associated with child separation, including poverty, conflict and mass migration are separating children in every region, making these Guidelines broadly relevant. Being cut off from life in a family not only violates children’s rights, it also weakens society as a whole. If child separation is not addressed effectively, it undermines achievement of national development targets – from education to growth.

‘These Guidelines build upon a solid evidence base, developed through extensive desk-based research which explored good practice in the reintegration of separated children in emergencies, former child soldiers, street children, institutionalised children, migrant children, and children who have been trafficked. They offer a valuable tool for policy makers, program designers, and practitioners, and provide a vital road map for reintegrating children.

Download the guidelines here

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